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Before and After

What would your pet's portrait look like as painted by 3 different Nepali signboard artists? 

Here are some choices from my most recent trip.  

Ploof x3

Ploof the Pointer mix and his three portraits.   Hard choice !   Which one looks the most like Ploof to you? 


Russell the Chihuahua was an almost impossible choice.   The owner chose Baba (top) with his dramatic colors and brush strokes.   But you have to admit that all three really got Russell and his 5 pound attitude.

Maple the PitBull

Maple is a beautiful rescued Pit Bull.  Here she poses by a waterfall in Oregon.   I thought all three were fabulous and Maple's owner agreed.   She chose the bottom two.   Maple by Baba (top) is still available.

Ginger KittensWho could resist the adorable kittens Red and Alexander, here by Sanjib Rana, Baba and Megh Raj Thapa?   This could be one of the hardest choices ever.   In the end she chose the cats in the dramatic pinwheel by Baba.

{before and after}

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